5 Reasons to Invest in a Houston Motorized Screen System

Many Texas homeowners enjoy outdoor entertaining in the warmer months of the year. However, the weather and other conditions can be unpredictable and often, when dinner parties or barbecues begin outside, the party ends up indoors. Excessive heat, rain showers, or relentless insects can ruin outdoor gatherings, ultimately forcing guests inside. There are many reasons to consider a motorized patio screen for your Houston Texas home, so you can keep entertaining and enjoying the outdoors all season.

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Why Install a Motorized Patio Screen?

Ease of Use

The Universal Screens’ MotionScreen™ is incredibly simple to use. Upon installation, users can retract or lower the screen with the simple push of a button. Some screen varieties offer automatic rain detection, which causes the screen to lower during storms. An additional benefit is a custom timer. If you’re blinded by the sunset every evening at sundown, program the screen to close nightly before this happens. MotionScreen also has the option to sync screens to smartphone apps, for the ultimate convenience.

Low Maintenance Patio Shade

Enclosing a porch with permanent, static screens requires a good deal of maintenance. These standard solar screens often tear, fade, and get damaged over time. Installing permanent patio screens also limits your ability to have sunlight during the times you want it. The retractable screens offered by Universal are low maintenance and durable. MotionScreens are made of high-quality fabrics or vinyl for the strongest product available.

Variety of Options

Our motorized retractable screens offer a variety of screen choices in both fabric and vinyl. The fabric options are a solar screen mesh which allow airflow but block the sunlight. They allow for unobstructed views and insect-free enjoyment. The porch screens come in five different fabrics and multiple color options. The vinyl screens offered are great for year-round use. The vinyl material also offers unobstructed views but blocks outdoor areas from wind and other elements. The solar screen and vinyl can also be used in tandem for true year-round protection.

Custom Patio Screen Installation

Installation of the screens is a quick process and will be customized to your home’s architecture. Most homes allow for patio screen installation with a zipper-track, which attaches to the home and seals your enclosure from insects. Homes unsuitable for zipper-track screens will require installation of a cable system. This is a great option for sun protection but is not as effective in protection from all insects.


Overall, the best benefit of motorized retractable screens is the comfort they permit Houston homeowners. Outdoor enthusiasts can sit outdoors and enjoy the season without overheating. Entertaining outdoors is more comfortable, with the shade and absence of pesky insects. The MotionScreen™ shade system will also protect your patio or screened area from the sun’s UV rays. This protection extends the life of your deck and porch furniture.

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Making the Choice for MotionScreen™ Houston Motorized Retractable Screens

Adding a Woodlands TX motorized screen to your home is a great home improvement idea. The retractable solar screen will add value to your home but allow you to enjoy a comfortable outdoor environment in the meantime. Before enclosing your patio with low-quality, short-term traditional screening, consider the addition of a motorized screen. The Houston porch screen system will last for years to come, and provide value and enjoyment for the whole family.

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