Patio Shades & Screens

Upgrade Your Outdoor Space

Benefits of patio shades:

  • Sun control & shade when you need it
  • Heat management- stay out of the sun when you want!
  • Insect protection- don’t let those pesky bugs ruin your time outside!
  • Privacy- as much as you may love your neighbors, you probably don’t want them jealously watching your pool party they weren’t invited to
  • Home value- all the benefits of patio shades are major selling points when your house is up for sale
  • Customization- unlike store bought shades, you can custom-make your shades here at Texan
  • Looks- say goodbye to ugly, worn out shades that are an eyesore to everyone
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Free Download: Guide to Patio Shades

Unsure of where to start? Download our Guide to Patio Shades to get an understanding of your options when it comes to patio shades and screens.

  • Manual vs. Motorized
  • Color Options
  • Features
  • How It Works
  • Project Examples


The process is simple- One of our technicians will come to your home and take precise measurements, which are then submitted to our manufacturers, who custom create your furnishings which we then install in your home.

1. Measure

Young man taking measure of window for blinds installation at home

2. Order

Samples of blinds for windows in the store

3. Install

Window with sand coloured roll sun blinds

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