Why Store-Bought Patio Shades are a Risky Investment

A picture speaks more words than we can write here, and the message from this photo is clear: store bought shades can be a risky investment.

The shades on the left were bought from your typical big-box store only 2 years ago. Now not only are they an eyesore, they’re useless! It’s money down the drain.

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On the right, you can see our freshly installed Universal Screens MotionScreen system. To put it simply, this system is the Ferrari of screen systems.

Though we carry different levels of customization and technology, these are by far the most functional, attractive, and investment-worthy screens you’ll find on the market.

Let’s go further to compare our options.

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Store-bought screens use fabric made for mass production, primarily focused on achieving a particular aesthetic versus quality standard. Because of this, the fabric tends to wear down quickly.

In contrast, Universal Screens uses US-made fabrics by Twitchell and Phifer, two of the top solar control fabric manufacturers in the industry. These fabrics are built for durability, and they look clean and well kept. The fabric is built to last, and this is essential when making this investment.


You may be purchasing patio shades for a variety of reasons including shade, bug prevention, and heat management.

One benefit of patio shades that many of our customers don’t consider at first is the privacy benefits. Many neighborhoods in Texas are tightly packed, lending the way to seeing your neighbors more often than you’d like.

Store shades can certainly vary in opacity depending on what you choose to buy, but one unique characteristic about the Universal Screens patio shades is that the customer can customize the translucency.

If you are more concerned about shade, we can get you a darker shade and if you’d like a clearer view, we can go with something lighter. During the day, the specialized fabric allows you to see out- but others cannot see in.



How would you like operating the store-bought shades in the original photo? Exactly….

There’s nothing wrong with a quality manual shade, but many of our customers find that they want to go all-out and choose the motorized shades.

The MotionScreen system can be controlled with a remote, your smartphone, or even with Alexa. No more fussy cords!

Another factor customers forget to consider is the effect of the wind on your shades. Our shades come in zipper-track form, meaning they are attached to the sides of the structure, preventing them from flapping up and all over the place on a windy day.

Store-bought shades simply cannot keep up with this, hence why they aren’t a great choice for Texas homes that have to face the unpredictable weather.


Toughness certainly has to do with the fabric differences in each option. If you compared store shades to our shades, you would be able to feel the difference in toughness, and it is clear which one was built to last.

If you want to see this for yourself, we invite you to stop by one of our locations, where we can provide you with samples.


If you haven’t gathered anything from everything just said, then here’s a summary: Our shades are better quality than store-bought shades.

We’ll say it a million more times- patio shades are an investment, and there is no purpose in making an investment that is certain to disintegrate in just a few years.

motorized patio shades houston texas

You may want quality but you’re also on a budget. Don’t fret- we have dozens of really cool, high tech products, but we also have mid range products for a better price that still beat the store-bought shades.

Our goal this summer is to outfit as many homes as possible with patio shades, and start the revolution in making the backyard the mecca for homeowners.


As the picture shows, big-box screens lose in this category- badly.

Patio screens are built to be outside year-round, but this does not mean all screens are created equal.

Whereas our screens are made to be a one-time purchase, big-box store screens may not make it past year 1 or 2.

Especially in Texas, the weather can be unpredictable at times. With the recent hurricanes, tornadoes, and aggressive wind and rain, your patio screens are put right in the middle of the madness.

Along with this, the hot Texas sun beats down on them daily, often fading screens quickly, or otherwise deteriorating quality.


Home Value

Nice screens are an investment. Outfitting your home with our screens likely means you plan to spend long summers out on the patio, drinking margaritas like they’re water.

Even if the time comes when you and your family choose to move on from the home, your investment is still there.

Buyers will be wowed by the patio screens, and your backyard will be a major selling point. After years of enjoying your screens, you can now pass that value down to the next owner, seeing it clearly in the great price you’re able to sell your house for.


We hope we’ve made our point here. Nice screens are absolutely an investment, but if you want the best for your money then you’ve come to the right place.

Our screens are the highest quality available anywhere in the United States, and we’re one of few local Houston dealers. If you’d like some more information on our solar control products, we invite you to give us a call or submit a contact form on our website!

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