Prolong Your Outdoor Screens With These Tips

With winter now in full gear, you are probably wondering how to maintain your exterior screens and shades during the season. If you do not clean your screens regularly, debris will wear them down and you will eventually need a replacement.

screen enclosure maintenance tipsHowever, regular maintenance will help keep your shades around for a long time. Follow these simple cleaning tips to extend the life of your screens.

Inspect the Damage

Before you begin to clean your screens, make sure to inspect for damage first. If you have screens in closed-off areas, they will not need cleaning as much as an exposed screen in open-air areas. Before cleaning, make sure to check the screens to determine how much you’ll need to do.

Read the Instructions

Before you attempt to do any cleaning, make sure to read the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions for the product. If you do not have these instructions on hand, a quick Google search of the brand and screen model will turn up the results. Certain cleaning materials can stain, discolor, and cause irreversible damage to screens. Always make sure to read these instructions first to prevent problems.

Gather the Ingredients

First, gather the materials you need to get the job done. Common screen-cleaning tools and solutions include:

  • A vacuum with a soft-brush attachment to remove dust and dirt from screens.
  • A hair dryer to effectively dry the screen.
  • A feather duster for additional dust removal power.
  • A towel to wipe up excess moisture.
  • A bucket full of warm, soapy water or another recommended cleaning solution.

Clean Gently

Now, it’s time to clean. You must clean your screens gently but firmly, so you don’t cause further damage. Be careful not to get excess water on the screen surface or any of its rails.

  • Soak a sponge in warm water and wring it out, removing excess liquid that could damage the screen.
  • Gently soak up dirt and dust on the screen’s headrail, being careful not to allow any liquid to pool around screen mechanisms.
  • Use the vacuum and feather duster to clean dirt off screen’s exterior.
  • Gently scrub away stains, but not too hard – it will damage the screen.
  • Allow the screen mesh to dry.
  • Use a silicon-based spray to lubricate the screen tracks.

screen enclosure cleaning maintenance tips

Optional Deep Cleaning

You can also deep clean your screens by soaking them in water. However, you should only do this after checking to ensure that you can use warm water and soap on them.

First, remove your screens from the rails or any brackets. Next, fill a large tub with warm water and a small amount of gentle soap. Soak the shades for several minutes. Lift them out of the tub and scrub at any heavy stains that remain. After scrubbing, rinse your screens and quickly dry them with a towel. Allow them to fully dry by hanging them before placing them back onto the brackets.

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