Motorized Patio Shades – Spring, TX

Motorized patio shades appear at the touch of a button and disappear when you don’t need them. Perfect for indoor and outdoor living spaces, these custom made and professionally installed screens give you fresh air, shade from the sun, climate control, protection from insects or a bit of privacy.

Spring motorized retractable screens

With motorized retractable screens from Universal Screens, you’ll come as close as humanly possible to controlling Mother Nature. When the sun is too warm and bright, you’ll be able to block it (and the UV rays that come with it) with the press of a button. You can adjust your Spring motorized patio shade to accommodate the ever-changing angle of the sun. Then, when the weather is more to your appealing, you won’t be stuck with a screen blocking your view – simply press the button a second time and forget that it was ever there.

patio shades retractable and motorized in Spring TexasInstead of having to crank a handle around and around when you’d like to extend or retract your patio screen, our Spring TX motorized retractable shade systems allow you to do so with minimal effort on your part. Plus, optional remote controls allow you to operate your screen from your chair – so sit down, settle in, and relax. Our motorized patio shades can also integrate into your current home automation system.

Texan Glass and Solar Control also installs vinyl motorized patio shades, using both Sattler and Serge Ferrari vinyl options coupled with Fenestra clear windows. Couple a Spring TX vinyl patio shade with a motorized retractable screen, by staggering mounting brackets, and you can create a true four season patio area. In cooler climates, it’s designed to keep the warmth in and the weather out, and for hotter climates it’s perfect for keeping cooled air in your covered porch or patio area. Motorized vinyl shades are a great way to impress your guests and keep them comfortable! Protection Status